Creative Journaling

Creative Journaling for Well-being – The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine

6 Week Course

15th February -22nd March, 2018

6:30-pm-9pm Thursdays, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne
Immerse yourself in creativity
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Creative Journaling can support you to experience many different aspects of self and support coming to wholeness.

  • Create your own hand bound journal
  • Develop a deeper connection with your creative self
  • Feel more empowered, seen + witnessed
  • Build self-acceptance + confidence
  • Access new tools for problem solving
  • Increase your energy for life

Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne, Australia

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Creative Art Journaling is one of the most powerful tools I know to gain insight, solve problems and explore new ideas without the pressure to make it look good or make sense to others.

Explore new tools for your wellbeing, guided journey through creativity. I create weekly connections, develop a safe environment and provide a space for honesty, vulnerability and connecting with one another deeply.

This unique group is limited to 8 places, so get in quick. The possibilities for learning, expression, and movement in your life are endless. If you have never tried art therapy, give it a go. No artistic talent required, dare to discover something new.


The Abbotsford Convent Building and the Art Therapy Studio are user friendly to those with a disability and level 1 is accessible via elevator in the East Wing of the main convent building near Cam’s Cafe. There are disabled parking bays on St Heliers St and toilet facilities that cater for disability and wheelchair access. You can read more about accessibility here. Please contact us directly to discuss any additional needs you may have and we will do our best to cater to your individual needs.

I'd Love to come!

Creative Art Journaling for Wellbeing 6 week course

Concession $380

Creative Art Journaling for Wellbeing 6 week course


Over six weeks

Creative emergence

Week One – Creating your Journal & Setting an Intention

What do you need more of? What inside you, is calling you to be present? In the first week you will learn how to make a hand bound fabric hard cover journal. This journal will become your companion, and will be infused with your creative essence as you sew it together with your focus and intention. We will meet one another and create our safe container for exploration.

Week Two – Earth – Trust

The Earth element invites us to inquire into trust. The Earth element relates to Autumn, and the spleen & stomach. Imbalances in the Earth element can lead to excessive worry and repetitive thinking patterns. We will use this week to explore where we are and what thought patterns are playing out, and then also explore patters and routines you would like to create more of in your life? Would you like more freedom? Energy? Space? Joy? Self confidence? Creative expression? In what ways would you like to show up in your life? In week two we will use the abundant array of creative mediums to explore the element of Earth.

Week Three – Metal – Letting Go

The element of Metal relates to letting go. What have you been holding? What have you already had to let go of? Metal relates to the large intestine, to self doubt, structure, and grief. Not just grief of losing someone, but also of transitions, letting go of ideas, possessions, states of being, relationships, places and the intangible, letting go of control. The metal invites us to feel the loss in order to move through.

Week Four – Water – Surrender

Water teaches us of the power of surrender, of going inwards.  Winter invites us to connect to the depths, to reconnect with our inner being, to embrace the darkness, and discover what seeds are being planted within, that will grow and blossom from a seedling when spring arrives. Water is the element that relates to the emotions, the most yin of all elements, connected to reflection, the immune system.

Week Five – Wood – Renewal

What have you come to know now that you may not have known before? Spring brings with it new growth. What have you noticed about yourself in this process? Who are you in the world? As we enhance our connection to our innate goodness, we strengthen our confidence and self esteem to explore the uncomfortable places of growth and challenge. Spring and the wood element bring with it the inspiration and energy to bring our goals into fruition.

Week Six – Fire – Heart – Loving Presence

The fire brings Summer, heat, passion and loving presence. This will be a week of celebration and acknowledgement and connecting to your heart. We have all witnessed you in all different ways throughout the course. We have seen you. And it has been a gift. We want to share that back with you. This final session is a chance to acknowledge and celebrate what you have seen in one another, to fill up each others cups and share how you have been impacted by the courage and wisdom of the group. Our willingness to step forward and be real gives permission for others to do the same. What a world we can create for ourselves and those around us. I celebrate you. I acknowledge you. I see you.

Meet the Facilitator

Amanda Scott


Amanda Scott is a Melbourne based Creative Arts Therapist, Facilitator and Youth Worker. With 12 years facilitation experience, Amanda is passionate about creativity for wellbeing, self-discovery & connection, focusing on transforming challenge into awakening.

Amanda offers tailored one on one sessions and themed workshops, such as creative journaling and Vision Boards, at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.

Amanda practices from a strengths based empowerment model, that by exploring yourself, your values and symbols, you can connect with your own intuition and inner knowing, fulfil your potential, find hope for the future and live a meaningful life. | 0422 521 209


1. I can’t draw and I’m no good at art. Can I still come to this workshop?

Yes of course you can! You don’t need any artistic talent or experience for art therapy.

The creative process is just that- a process. Art therapy intends to allow the creative process to be the focus of art making.

By taking away the need to produce “art”, the pressure of making aesthetically pleasing works that will be judged dissipates.

By allowing the process to be the focus, your internal messages, insights and emotions feel safe to emerge. The often spoken about block to art making is the belief and fear that “I am not creative” or “I am not artistic” “I can’t draw” “I am bad at art”.

These collective and common beliefs can hinder the benefit of creativity. It is important to look at these beliefs and where they came from. They often come form a place of perfectionism, or judgement and of external expectations. If we can accept these judgements as present in the external world, and allow them to be there, then the power they have over us in our art making process is reduced. It is possible to let go of these all together, with the knowledge that this work you create is for you only.

It is for you to express your truth, and map your journey through this life. There is nothing wrong with you or needing improving. Every piece of art you create has its own voice, impact and expression, which are all valid!

If we can create from this place, we will be able to feel even more power from the healing of the creative process.

2. I want to come but I am resistant to doing things visually because I judge what I create.

Ahh this is a good one- resistance is an old friend of mine, and I have found that resistance is an important part of the creative process. Without resistance, there is no pressure, and with manageable pressure, transformation happens.

If you think about the caterpillar in the cocoon or a baby bird coming out of its hard shell, there is a great deal of resistance in the process to transforming into something new.

So I am learning that resistance is okay, and sometimes its the cocoon faze, and sometimes its time to take chances, even if you feel you aren’t ready!

3. I want to come but I don’t have the finances to come at the moment.

If this is something you are interested in, then we can set up a payment plan. If finances are the only thing holding you back then lets chat about how we can make it work.

4. What do I bring with me to the workshop?

All materials are provided, so you don’t need to bring anything at all! If you do notice images or words over the next few weeks that you are drawn to, feel free to bring them along, but it is not necessary.

We have plenty of varied materials to choose from!

What Participants Say

“I found art therapy with Amanda extremely beneficial as a tool for dealing with my ongoing anxiety and low moods.
I underwent major surgery little over a year ago and in turn spent a lot of time on serious pain medication.

Since starting art therapy I can see how much this type of treatment would be so helpful in the earlier stages of my recovering as well.
Art therapy is a great way to take my mind off physical and emotional pain for a few hours each week and since starting I have felt inspired to do more art in my own time at home, resulting in more time relaxing and less anxiety. I have been in contact with my pain management team from my surgery about suggesting art therapy to patients like me as I found the course so helpful in my ongoing recovery.

I wish something like this course had been offered to me sooner, when I was on a lot of medication and in a lot of pain.

After completing the creative journaling 5 week course I can look back and honestly say I enjoyed every week feeling safe to create, accepted and supported to move forward in a more positive life.”


-Josie, Creative Journaling 2013

“Thank you Amanda for the opportunity to do creative journaling with you. I have never done anything like this before. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

But I was quickly surprised that I do have a creative me and I enjoyed every minute. Now I feel empowered to continue to be creative as well as embrace the vulnerability I have inside.

Not only has creative journaling opened up creativity, it has helped me grow as a person and given me strength to do all that I want to be and be all that I want to be.”

Emma, Creative Journaling 2014

“This is the end of the last of the creative journaling classes with Amanda and I feel:

  • Challenged
  • Inspired
  • Connected
  • Grateful
  • Alive
  • Seen
  • Supported
  • Deeply creative

Thank you Amanda for your honesty, your lightness, and the gift of this special experience.”

xoxo Hayley, Creative Journaling 2014

“Exploring the process of creating journal pages with whatever arose in the moment gave me the chance to arrive at some beautiful moments of insight.

The process of making something with my hands and eyes was pleasurable and memorising and the more I did it the more I could relax into it and trust what came as being right in that moment.

What made class special was that beautiful atmosphere Amanda created by gently encouraging us to set intentions and stretch ourselves just a little beyond our comfort zones. By doing this work with others in a group, we realise that we are not along in this human journey and that we can reach out and support others, and be supporting in turn as we explore what it is to be human.”

-Nicole, Creative Journaling 2013

“I have found Amanda’s course invaluable in its new approaches to vulnerability, communication with myself and connecting with others. It has brought to the surface that which bubbles and prods from the inside, both at the classes and after in my own time.

With all manner of media scattered all over her table like a multimedia fruit salad of colours and textures asking you to transform them into your own vision on your page…

I recommend the creative journaling for wellbeing course for those in need of ease of expression, those looking for a mirror, and everyone else. She contains all of the joy of a hindu guru, and is wonderfully open and in tune with her students at all times.

Her courses have given wonderful opportunities, techniques, nurturing and energy that I will continue to be nourished by.”

Sarah, Creative Journaling 2014

“I have found creative journaling with Amanda extremely beneficial as a healing process. Each week I have let go of my anxiety and relaxed into being creative and present.

It has given me tools for relaxation and self love and showed me my vulnerabilities and strengths. I’m already looking forward to continuing the creative journey.

Thank you so much you have helped me more than words can express.”

Love Josie, Creative Journaling 2014

“Art Therapy for me has been a great journey. Amanda has been the facilitator of this journey. Encouraging me to explore the unknown and challenge myself. I have used this process to work through my own thoughts and feelings, in a creative and positive manner. As well as this, the class has encouraged me to connect with others and sharing my experience has proved to be insightful and encouraging. Creative Journaling has been as artistic as it has been spiritual. I hope to continue with the practice of art as a therapy process that Amanda has so greatly enlightened me with. I will look forward to the chance to work with Amanda in the near future.”

– Amy, Creative Journaling 2013

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Creative Journaling for Wellbeing 6 week course

Concession $380

Creative Journaling for Wellbeing 6 Week Course