Eco Printed Journals

Enter the new year in a mindful, embodied and beautiful way in this two day fusion of eco-printing and art therapy.

Co-facilitated by Qualified Creative Arts Therapists Amanda Scott (MA AThR) of Amanda Scott Art Therapy and Jacqui Grace (MA AThR) of Beautiful Wasteland, this workshop is an invitation to aesthetically reflect on the year that has passed and bring these knowings into collaboration with your intentions for the coming year.

This will be grounded in an experience of eco-printing on paper and textiles. You will then hand bind these original eco-printed works prints, creating your own bespoke journal to companion you across the seasons.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

Learn how to eco-print on paper

Set up a dye pot

Discuss mordants

Utilise arts- based tools for personal reflection

Develop tools for ongoing self-reflection

Learn book binding

Take home a collection of your own bespoke eco-printed journal.


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