Terrarium Making for Self Care

A creative mini world, infused with the power of self care.

It’s important to know when it is time to slow down, integrate, regroup, and nurture yourself so that you can be present and have energy for all of the new adventures and challenges that await. This workshop can offer a space just for you, to come back to your centre and what is important to you in order to flourish.


Terrariums are living ornaments, bringing life, meaning and imagination to your environment.

Using the creative process to explore your inner world and what is meaningful, you are invited to create the terrarium to represent what nurtures you. Take home with you a landscape reminder of what sustains you, nurtures you and brings meaning to your life. In a supportive environment, we will curiously explore, create and share.

Sunday 24 June 2018, 1:30-5pm

Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford Vic, 3067

This unique group is limited to 8 places, so get in quick.

The possibilities for learning, expression, and movement in your life are endless.

If you have never tried art therapy, give it a go.

No artistic experience required.


The Abbotsford Convent Building and the Art Therapy Studio are user friendly to those with a disability and level 1 is accessible via elevator in the East Wing of the main convent building near Cam’s Cafe. There are disabled parking bays on St Heliers St and toilet facilities that cater for disability and wheelchair access. You can read more about accessibility here. Please contact us directly to discuss any additional needs you may have and we will do our best to cater to your individual needs.


This workshop will take you through the basics of making an open terrarium, offering the technique and process of its creation, and suggestions in its design and adornment using natural materials, pebbles, clay figures, and more. Take home what you create, including all the materials and many meaningful symbols, moments and connections.

You are invited to bring anything you want to use in your terrarium in addition to what is provided, for example, small figures, trinkets or symbols.


  • Have some relaxed, fun, art making time!
  • Get to know some other funky terrarium loving Melbournians.
  • Create something meaningful to remind you to nurture yourself in this busy, fast paced modern world
  • Discover something new about yourself, your talents, and what is meaningful for you
  • Leave with something new, inside and out.



Amanda is a Qualified Creative Arts Therapist, registered with ANZATA. Amanda has 12 years facilitation experience exploring a range of issues and has found that connection is where healing happens, where growth happens and where LIFE happens. Amanda’s approach is influenced by arts based inquiry methods, positive psychology and is strengths based.

Stephanie Darling is a Facilitator for the Reach Foundation, running programs, training and camps for young people across Australia to empower them to fulfil their potential and dare to dream. Steph has explored many forms of creativity, including making many terrariums for friends, family, and now as her own business. Steph will be offering her technical and creative skills in terrarium making to assist us to use this creative process to connect with your own creativity and self nurturing.


I came to the workshop to have some ‘me’ time, and to challenge the ‘I can’t’ and increase my self awareness. I really enjoyed creating my sanctuary. Today was fantastic. I now have a reminder that I am capable, and I have something to take home with me and remind me. Thank you for supporting me and creating a safe place for me to explore things I find difficult. I felt creative!

-Treena, 2017

The terrarium workshop inspired to create more -I loved the metaphor of layers. It was a great combination of reflection, connecting with others and making. What a great sensory experience. I am really looking forward to the stories, transformations and change that are still to come from my terrarium. Thank you, I really enjoyed the exploration, surprises and combination of activities.

-Sarah, 2017

I came along to connect with myself, learn something new, enjoy others in a relaxing space, a day with no demands. Thank you, achieved! I found that I can enjoy myself creating something with natural elements. It was such a lovely balance. If you are thinking of coming along, definitely do it!  Amanda and Steph were great facilitators and that made it most enjoyable. I’m walking away with a great experience and 2 beautiful terrariums that I’ve made. I feel proud and I’d like others to feel that too. Thank you!

-Emma, 2017

Amanda and Steph you were very approachable and guided us through the process well. I especially enjoyed the visualising and then the drawing exercise, this resonated with me and was something I have never done before. I enjoyed creating a beautiful reminder of the fact that self care is not self indulgent. I discovered that I CAN do mindful activities. That perhaps I need to do lots of NEW things to engage myself and quiet my mind. Thank you so much!

-Chelsea, 2017

It was great to stop and rest, have fun, be creative and learn to make a terrarium. I now have a nice reminder about self care and I loved that there was this focus/process. I highly recommend this workshop, it’s a must! A great opportunity to stop, rest and remind. It’s fun. You get to take away a terrarium and the knowledge of how to make one. You legends! Great work. Fantastic facilitators, friendly and approachable. Thank you! 🙂

-Anonymous, 2017

I came to the terrarium workshop to learn mindfulness, make a terrarium and have fun. I gained all of these things and also learnt about self care, being myself and I have gained confidence in myself. This was a great workshop. I’ve come away with a positive mind. It was lots of fun, I enjoyed every minute! Thank you.

Caitlin, 2017



Terrarium Making Workshop


Terrarium Making Workshop, Concession


*Plus terrarium cost on the day: Sml $25/ Med $35/ Lge $50