30 Day Creative Journaling Challenge- Day 1

30 Day Creative Journaling Challenge- Day 1


I’ve been noticing that there have been a few 30 day challenges going around. A few friends have started their own health challenges, and I wanted to jump on board, and then I realized that I wanted to do my own challenge. I know what works for my wellbeing, what makes me come alive, what makes my heart sing. So here is my own version of the 30 day challenge. Creative Journaling. It is similar to writing journaling, except you also create something visually. I will be posting up my journal entries each day, and some ideas for places to start!


I invite you to join me, to tailor the creative challenge to your own sense of what fulfils you, what matters to you, what makes you come alive. Creativity is innate, there are not just some people who are creative. We all have such immense creative potential inside of us. I was speaking to a friend tonight, Felicity, and we sat down over a cup of tea, a fig and lime candle, some peppermint dark chocolate, with an array of pastels, and coloured pens, the new Frankie magazine, and our creativity ready to pop. We are brainstorming new joint creative projects to make art therapy our life and our work. It is so great to have someone to reflect with, to brainstorm with and to dream with. When all else fails, create something. When we got stuck, we created something. Creativity for me is to be “in the flow” with ideas, materials, concepts, movement, music, writing, and free expression. When I am in the flow, I am in the moment. Things seem to come to me, there is no right or wrong, there is just possibility and energy to be felt.


In this piece, I started with “Bless this Mess”. Sometimes, I try to perfect, I used to do it a lot more, and am learning the blessings that are alive in the mess. The mess is where ideas are born, the mess is where change comes from, insight, and also where I find out who I am. The more I shut down the parts that I judge as messy, or make them wrong, the more separation I feel inside myself. My journey is wholeness, or oneness. This, to me, means loving acceptance of all parts of myself, even the parts that I once couldn’t even stand to look at, the parts that at first make me want to run. I am finding the more I step into those parts, the more they surprise me. That this vulnerability gives me connection, acceptance and love. That by not shying away from myself, I can see what’s really underneath it, and what’s underneath is just a little girl looking for connection and love.

Art for everyday is quite relevant to the challenge, as is “follow your passion”. I am following my passion and am on the path of being open to its unfolding. Here’s to the unfolding, and am looking forward to discovering what else is to come from my creative seed over the next month.

I would love to receive your creative journaling entries! If you would like to post them on my Art Therapy Page then just join here. If you would prefer to send them directly to me, you can email them to me here and I will respond to everyone that sends their images through!
If you would like to receive the ideas for each day, you can also join my Art Therapy group here, where I will be posting these.
Happy Creating!

Warmth and creativity,
Amanda Scott

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