CJ Challenge Day 17 – Postcard

CJ Challenge Day 17 – Postcard

Creative Journaling Challenge Day 17: Collect a postcard (there are lots of free postcards in cafes around Melbourne) and make a page that is inspired by the postcard.

The postcard I was drawn to, a small yellow car parked on a road, seemingly watching the sunset, with intense colours and vibrancy. I see possibility, I see a journey, and the affect of the colours reminds me of a dream. I also was listening to a song about dreams while I was doing this page. The pink and yellow paper looks like it is an explosion on the page, that the postcard is being extended, the dream expanding with the force of fire. The gentle rays of the sun expanding.

I am noticing the patterns that are repeating in my pages lately- very bright colours, lots of pink and yellow. These colours feel warm and exciting, with much power and energy that is rising and expanding. I feel that this relates to me at the moment, because there are many changes that are in the process at the moment, that feel exciting and big, and also unsettling and unknown at the same time. I like how this postcard, and most photos in general, freeze a moment in time. This is a frozen frame of a journey, not quite sure where it has come from, or where it is going, but it is on the move.


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