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A Letter to my Body


Dear Body

I love you. 
I love you! I accept you and I see you. I see all parts of you, and I don’t look away. This is because what I see, is pure, raw, real beauty. I love every part of you- every freckle, every scar, every pimple, every stretch mark, every curve and bulge. I love your curves and your soft and cushiony hips, stomach and thighs. I love how you move and jiggle. I love how you comfort me and allow me to express the enormous range of emotions, however bold and subtle. I love how you send me messages and show me what you need. I love how we can communicate.

 I see you.
I hear you and I listen to you. How you feel is valuable and you are worthy of love and compassion. I love how you know what you need and you can tell me in subtle and not so subtle ways. I love how I can take care of you and you reward me so greatly with energy, passion and the ability to move and extend myself through you. I love how you allow me to connect with others, to feel, and to experience the world. I feel safe living in you, I feel taken care of and held. I love how you allow me to feel the touch of another’s skin, you show me where my energy flows and where I can flow further and more freely.

I love that you are here no matter what, and no matter how many mistakes I make or how much I hurt you, that you are incredibly forgiving and you have SO much power to heal and renew yourself. I love that being connected with you means I feel whole. I love knowing that in this lifetime you are the closest connection I will ever have. I love spending time with you, and in you. I love how you show me new discoveries every moment. I love getting to know you and noticing that I have nothing to be afraid of.

I am grateful for you.
I am grateful for being able to smile and laugh to express my joy in a way that words cannot. I love being able to cry and scream and yell to express the sadness and anger and fear that otherwise suffocates me. I love being able to walk, run, dance, move, in an endless variety of ways to show my endless variety of emotions, thoughts, and experiences. I love how I can be forever curious and surprised by the immense ability you have. You will forever be a mystery to my mind, and yet completely understood by my heart, all of which is a part of the greater connection which I call me.

Love Amanda

Copyright Amanda Scott 2012