CJ Challenge Day 14 – Shapes and Lines

CJ Challenge Day 14 – Shapes and Lines

3914936Creative Journaling Challenge Day 14:
Shapes and lines- cover the page with shapes and lines or scribbles. Fill in the gaps with colour or patterns

I was a bit resistant to this. I felt like it didn’t have enough meaning, that it was a waste of time, that it was pointless. And then I reminded myself of the purpose of these pages. It is not to “get” something, or to reach a “goal” or “change” myself in any way. I am doing this merely as an exploration, and because I KNOW that these processes increase my wellbeing. I find them reflective, calming, challenging, and liberating. I love that it gives me space to be and not think. I love that i tune into the colours and I love losing myself in creativity.

I ended up really enjoying this task, because it was so abstract and it allowed my perfectionistic aspect to take a break, because there was nothing it needed to achieve, it was just really good to keep things simple and simply fill in shapes with colour and line.

Now, looking at it, I notice that it is really full of bright colours, almost offensively so. It is so bright that it is a bit overwhelming. I think this highlights sometimes the extremities that I can fall into, and this reminds me how much balance and moderation are things I value.

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