Tune In – CJ Challenge Day 4

Tune In – CJ Challenge Day 4


Day 4 creative journaling challenge! Sit with yourself in silence for a few minutes. See what you feel. See what you notice. Ask yourself- what is being called to be expressed right now? Make an image from this place. See what comes out…

This is what I came up with to the right.
Now for the reflections… For those of you on the journey with me, ask yourself these questions:
What do you notice?
What stands out?
What does this remind you of?
What do the colours say to you?
What do the shapes, and lines say to you? Are they thick or thin? Jagged or smooth? Did you do the lines and shapes fast or slow? What does this reflect in you at the moment?

So here are my responses. I notice that there are strong boundaries and sections. The red surrounding it is like a containers, and it is quite a bold barrier. It makes me think of my boundary to the outside world, the part that allows me to separate my own feelings and experiences from others, owning my own experiences and not over identifying with others, not taking things on, while still having empathy. The yellow for me feels calm and peaceful, which is what I am able to connect with. In the centre there is some space along with some clutter, which represent inner thoughts and worries.

If this piece could give me a message, what would it be?
There is a song I have been listening to a lot lately that I really like the lyrics to. “I say yes to the goodness, I say yes to love, I say yes to surrender, I say yes to grace, I say yes to acceptance, I say yes, to the lessons of learning how to grow through all the pain.”
In this image, I see wholeness, and an embracing of the journey (which is what I chose to call 2012 as the name of my year!)

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