CJ Challenge Day 16 – Shapes

CJ Challenge Day 16 – Shapes

Day 16: Start with a background (can be paint, colored paper, a magazine 685961page etc.) Choose one shape that you are drawn to. Repeat the shape using different media, cutting and pasting, over lapping, drawing and whatever else you feel like including.

I am drawn to hearts. When I was in New York last year with my friend Dallas, she would take a photo of any hearts she saw while we were out an about. Even a piece of chewing gum on the pavement was shaped as a heart. It is funny- when you look for something in particular you see it everywhere. Like the saying FOMO… I heard it once last week from my friend Brigid, and then so many people were saying it! (It means fear of missing out- when you try to do everything and are so busy, and can’t say no to things because you are scared of missing out.)

So when I look at this image full of hearts,
I feel light.
I feel like I want to take a big deep breath.
I feel like I am still.
What I see is pattern, paint, colours, line, and many shapes that are similar but different.
There seems to be an upward movement to the hearts. Like they are flying somewhere off into the distance.

I am about to fly off into the distance, to far north Queensland. I am going to the Eclipse festival, and to see the total solar eclipse. The last total solar eclipse visible in Australia was in 2002. The next one won’t be until 2028. So it is an exciting time to be able to see it. I am excited to explore the symbolism, of transition, of change, of moving from old to new, of darkness and stillness temporarily removing part of our sensory experience, and then gifting it back 2 minutes later..

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