Creative Journaling Challenge Recap (Days 1-16)

Creative Journaling Challenge Recap (Days 1-16)

What is Creative Journaling?
The 30 day creative journaling challenge is something I have set myself as a challenge, to explore my creativity. I believe that being creative and having a creative outlet and expression improves my wellbeing in other areas of my life too. I often get very busy and do not make time for my own creative processes.

I’ve noticed that when I do, even if I am resistant to it, being in the creative flow gives me new energy, and I feel that it gives me my own space to reflect and process what happens in my day to day life. It is a great tool for me, and it is so interesting to look back over at different times.

Creative Journaling is journaling with a twist. Instead of just writing, the possibilities are endless to include so many different types of art and creativity, not just writing. If you want to give it a go, don’t be too hard on yourself. There is no right or wrong, you don’t have to follow the challenges, you may want to try your own. You may just want to watch this space and my facebook page to follow the journey of others. It is up to you- but remember, creativity is for everyone, each in their own way.

What do I need to get started?1307865

  • A journal (I usually use A4 as it is easy to travel around with).
  • Coloured pens/textas/pencils
  • Oil or chalk pastels
  • A small set of paints, a few brushes
  • Some magazines, scissors and glue.

The Challenges: Day 1-20

Day 1: Mandalas
A mandala is a sacred circle, used in many modalities. THe circle provides safety, a starting point, a holding space for whatever wants to be expressed. Circles are present in nature, in our anatomy and in many places in our life. To start your 30 day challenge, begin with a circle, big enough to make an image inside it. Sit quietly with yourself and ask yourself, what is the intention? What are you doing this for? What would you like to gain from this process? See what comes out. It does not have to look like anything, it does not have to make sense, it does not have to be shown to anyone. (Unless you want to). Let yourself be a curious explorer of the materials.

Day 2: Grab your favorite novel and randomly open it to any page. Read the first paragraph on that page and illustrate it/collage/paint it.

Day 3: Pick an object in your house. While looking ONLY at the object, put your pen to paper and draw it without picking up your pen. Now add some color to your crazy drawing… and whatever else you feel like!

Day 4: Sit with yourself in silence for a few minutes. See what you feel. See what you notice. Ask yourself- what is being called to be expressed right now? Make an image from this place. See what comes out…

Day 5: Creative Journaling for everyday wellbeing! Pick your favourite song lyrics/or a line from a song, and make a mage dedicated to this! You can use magazines, paint, pencils, pastels….

Day 6: Find an image in a magazine that you are drawn to. Paste it in your journal and write a short story to accompany the image. You can decorate as much as you like too.

Day 7:
Imagine your inner critic as a monster. Draw or paint him/her.

Day 8: Tune in to how you are feeling right now. Pick a colour / range of colours and make a page using only those colour(s). You can use magazines/paint/pastels/pencils etc. in that colour theme!

Day 9: What does your personality look like?

Day 10: Create a one word journal page. Pick a work that stands out to you and make that word the feature of your page. Use paper, pens, pencils, magazines… up to you.

Day 11: A page of gratitude. What are you grateful for right now?

Day 12: Listen to a track of music that you are drawn to at the moment, and play it on repeat while you make something by tuning into the feeling of the music. Free flow to the beat.

Day 13: Make an image dedicated to your favourite animal.

Day 14: Shapes and lines- cover the page with shapes and lines or scribbles. Fill in the gaps with colour or patterns.

Day 15: Make a page by ripping  paper, magazine pictures or writing. Use layering, and paint and glue, but no scissors, only ripping. Write about the process and include the writing in the page.

Day 16: Start with a background (can be paint, coloured paper, a magazine page etc.) Choose one shape that you are drawn to. Repeat the shape using different media, cutting and pasting, over lapping, drawing and whatever else you feel like including.

Day 17: Collect a postcard (there are lots of free postcards in cafes around Melbourne) and make a page that is inspired by the postcard.

Day 18: What are you proud of? Make a page focussed on one or more things you are proud of.

Day 19: Use one or more items from nature as inspiration for this page (eg. leaves. flowers, bark etc). You can use the items to apply paint, as a stamp (put paint on them and press the imprint onto the page), or draw the items somewhere on the page.

Day 20: Pick one emotion or feeling to work with. Make a page about that emotion.

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