Personality: CJ Challenge Day 9

Personality: CJ Challenge Day 9


What does your personality look like?

Amanda as an Ice Cream Sundae…
I’m Amanda, I’d like to present you my specialty: a dish of daring dreamer, served with a side of go getter, a sprinkle of silly, a spray of sensitive, wrapped with passion and totes covered in creative.  I am a facilitator with a twist, a passionate youth worker/ art therapist, injecting my personality into the work I do. I’m passionate about providing a space where people can feel safe enough to be themselves, and be valued for who they really are. A place where diversity and differences are celebrated, where creativity is the vehicle for connection, understanding and learning, where people can be real.

It takes courage to be real, to stand up for what you believe in, to be yourself. I value that in the people around me, and encourage it. By being myself and embracing what makes me who I am, I allow others to do the same!

I really enjoyed doing this page. I filmed myself doing it to use it for something important coming up, that I am keen to show who I am…

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