My Inner Critic: CJ Challenge Day 7

My Inner Critic: CJ Challenge Day 7

I felt resistance to taking a look.
The inner critic that pops it’s head up from time to time,
calling for my attention, telling me what to do, telling me what to fix, telling me what to change.
The critic can be a driving force for change sometimes, and it’s energy is a powerful presence of urgency. If not kept in balance, it can take over, at a great cost for my peace, my heart and my nurturing.

Getting to know my inner critic is a continual process. Appreciating it, and allowing it to be there is sometimes a challenge. I understand that it can be a fierce protector, and it is there for a purpose. To love it and let it be here is what it needs. To be valued for it’s purpose and greatness is what will calm it, and allow it to play nicely with all the other parts.

Someone once said to me, that all the parts of themselves are sitting at a round table. When each part is given a voice, is heard and is allowed to be there and respected and valued for their contribution, they all get along. When some parts are rejected, resisted, hated, shamed, and made wrong, they will act out, the will play up, they will lash out, they will reap havoc on the

3661046entire unit. The very thing I avoid will be exactly what I am creating inside.

My inner critic
Leaves me frozen with fear
Silent, waiting, to scared to hear
So little left, so much to prove.
And hesitant to make a move

Full of weapons of sorts,
to justify his taunts,
All he wants is to be heard
for he is a fierce protector, a fiery bird
My friend, if I let him, and not try to hide.
To see another view of what’s inside.

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