One Word: CJ Challenge Day 10

One Word: CJ Challenge Day 10

Create a one word journal page. Pick a work that stands out to you and make that word the feature of your page. Use paper, pens, pencils, magazines… up to you.

I chose the word LEAP.
It feels like a word that is very relevant to me at the moment.
Leap, is what you need to do when otherwise you may fall into the crack in between things.
Leap is what you do, for joy, when it fills your heart so much that leaping is a response to the overflowing joy.
Leap, is what you decide to do, when you realise that the change that is coming is inevitable.
Leap, is what you do what something that you have been working towards happens. When the struggle and the fight have paid off, and you realise you are who you wanted to be, and you have been all along.
Leap is what you do when there is good news.
Leap is what happens when you get a fright.
Leap is what dogs do when they are happy, in between the bounding and tail wagging.
Leap is what I do when I am skipping, or when I am avoiding the cracks in the pavement as I walk.

Leap is a bold word, and it what I feel like is happening in many areas of my life and the lives of the people around me. That they are either leaping with joy or gratitude, or leaping from change and challenge, but still bolding leaping from one thing to the next, resting until the next leap creeps up.


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