The Creative Process

The Creative Process

2014-08-12 21.45.01-1What is it about the creative process that is so incredibly helpful?

I know in my being that trusting the creative process is a sure way to move and shift my state, finding acceptance and curiosity.

I have worked with hundreds of people taking them through the creative process, often starting with resistance and judgement of what could be created, stopping them from even beginning.

It’s interesting to me how this critical voice and resistance plays a part in our ability to create. When we can use the energy of resistance, accept it and bring it along for the ride, then something new can emerge.

But how might this look?


Well it begins with noticing what is present. You have a blank page or any other materials that you want to use to create in front of you, or just the idea in your head that you want to create. Maybe you haven’t even gotten to the point of sitting down with any art materials. If not, then you can just use a pen and paper to start with. Sit quietly and be present to your body. ¬†Start with your breathe. Do a body scan of what you notice within you. If there is resistance, then stay with that. If there is anticipation, fear, excitement, tiredness, whatever it is, stay with that. It’s not about getting rid of it, but being with it. What do you notice about that sensation? Warm/cold/tight/loose/bright/dark/tangled/watery/floaty/solid/sounds/colours?


Represent this using whatever materials you have. It might even be putting your body into a position that represents that sensation. It is just about expanding on what you are sensing and giving it form. Spend some time in this creating phase without analysing. let yourself free fall into the creative process.


What do you notice about what you have created?

What colours? lines? forms? shapes? If you made sound of movement, what did you notice about these?

You could also explore the opposite of this, what would that be like?

Now, if it could speak what would it say? What does it want you to know? Often strong emotions point to values. What do you value? Is it staying safe? What does this part of you want to hear from you? I feel like there are many different selves, and they all sit at a round table. If one of them doesn’t feel loved/accepted/heard, then it acts out. If you can hear what that part of you wants, reassure it and bring it closer to you, then you remember that you are both on the same side. It means that that part doesn’t need to sabotage to be heard, and you can still make conscious choices about doing things even if they are scary, when they are in your highest good for your growth.

Post below your experience of the creative process.

What do you notice?
What is valuable about the creative process for you?





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