Creative Journaling #26

Creative Journaling #26

What is your star sign? Make this page show the parts of your star sign you feel are true for you.

This below is an image using the symbol of my star sign- Libra. I do not know much about star signs, but I have friends who know a great deal. In fact, my friend Courtney did a full birth chart reading for me last week, and I was blown away with how spot on it was. I am not sure it is because she already knows me or if she could have been so spot on with someone she had just met, but I found it so incredibly amazing that there were insights, suggestions and traits that my personality is connected with depending on what the planets were doing when I came into this world.

My sign is about balance. This reminds me the subtle changes in balance in my life in different areas and how sometimes the smallest change can throw me off balance for a little while. It also reminded me that as everything is in constant change all the time, that having a complete balance outside of ourselves in life is unrealistic and impossible. I feel that the balance comes from within. I also believe that this is constantly moving also, back and forth tuning in to that moment when things feel right, centred, balanced, and when they are not, adjusting my internal workings so that I can find that equilibrium.



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