CJ Day 12: Get your groove on… Art to music, follow the beat.

CJ Day 12: Get your groove on… Art to music, follow the beat.

As a part of week 3 of the 4 week creative journaling course I am doing at Abbotsford convent at the moment, we did a session about art to music. Each person in the group chose a song that they are drawn to at the moment, and we played each person’s song twice. Throughout the night we made 6 journal pages, with 10 minutes each.

1352020338The question I then asked myself was, how much do you get done, when you know you have a time limit?
Today in my work (program managing and facilitating work with children and teenagers) I set myself a list of tasks to do. The morning went so quickly, and the afternoon i got so many things crossed off my list. Sometimes setting myself deadlines works to my advantage, and I felt like I achieved so much and actually really enjoyed doing so. In the creative journaling course on Tuesday night, we only had about 8-10 minutes for each piece of work and I was amazed watching how quickly people can work if they know they only have a small amount of time. It sped up the process of getting into the “flow”.

I was amazed with the song and the artwork that came from this song; The Cat Empire “The wine song” was a funny flurry of movement, painting, drawing, snipping, glueing and pasting. At one point I looked up and everyone was creating to the rhythm, that was very fast paced at one point, everyone in succession was frantically creating their images. I loved seeing the similarities and differences after, the movement and the essence that was poured into the artwork only 7 minutes 22 seconds played twice. The different tracks made for different colours, strokes and energy, and we were able to experience each person through the song that they picked.

I love my job.
Thank you to my amazing creative journaling group!
See you next week.

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