The 5 Keys to Increase Wellbeing

The 5 Keys to Increase Wellbeing

The 5 Keys to Increase Wellbeing

It’s very common to feel very internal in Winter, as it is a little darker, a little colder and it is easy to just want to stay in bed. I hand made a new journal today, which you can join me to do next Tuesday night! The first page on the journal I drew a hand and reminded myself of the 5 keys to increase my wellbeing. Things I KNOW work, and once I start, I remember how important it is!

Back to basics

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 1. Sleep

 Are you getting enough sleep? Is your sleep rhythm working for you? My friend Brigid calls it sleep hygiene, the actions/ routine you have around sleep is important. Do you wind down at a certain time to prepare for sleep? Is it something relaxing you do to prepare, like lighting a candle,  reading a book, a hot shower, some meditation, listening to music? Sleep is very important for wellbeing, and in the busy lives we have its easy to get distracted, and sometimes takes intention and discipline to make this rest and rejuvenation important to you. Your future self will thank you!

2. Movement

Have you moved today? A lovely stroll, some stretches, yoga, or a jog? It can be as simple as doing 5 minutes of stretching and breathing, or put on your favourite dance music and have a boogie. There are lots of classes you can go to if that helps with your motivation, dance, yoga, fitness classes, there is something for everyone, and it’s important to find what you enjoy and feels good for your body.

3. Nourishing food

Have you nourished your body today with nutrients and delicious food? When I am stressed or down, I know that my motivation to feed myself well is sometimes lost. It is amazing how much it can change how you feel in your body when you are getting the fuel you need, and some treats too!

4. Connect with your senses

Being present in your body can be accessed through your senses. What can you see? What colours and textures are around you? What is the ambience like where you are? What can you put up, or create to make your surroundings nurturing? I thrive when my environment is beautiful, even a few little touches can make a difference. What are your favourite smells, and can you bring those to life right now? What can you feel, do you have a fluffy blanket or do you love hot showers? I have a fluffy cover for my hot water bottle that is so lovely to touch, and my favourite fluffy soft jumper. What can you taste? Do you love the taste of fresh clean teeth after you have brushed them? Or your favourite hot drink? What sounds surround you right now? Notice how many sounds you can hear, from the furtherest sound in the distance, to the sound within your body, of your breathing that happens without you even having to think about it?

5. Create

Create something. Write, draw, imagine, dream. Rearrange your room, write a gratitude list, 3 things that you are grateful for. Play an instrument, sing along to your favourite song, give yourself a head massage, dream up new ideas, write a bucket list, do a painting, dance… the possibilities are endless. Our essence is creativity, we are naturally creative beings, everything you do is an expression of yourself, the way you speak, walk, dress, write, and think. Everything is creative when you let go of what the general notions of creativity are. How can you embrace your creativity and find your unique voice and style? When you go into the “flow” state of creating, your body is in its ideal state to heal and integrate. I have the 6 week course starting on Tuesday and Vision Boards for more dreaming on the 26th of July!

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